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Monthly Archives: September 2012

About the Author and His Coaches

Nate Green Nate Green is the program director of Scrawny To Brawny. He’s been featured in The LA Times, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and lots of other places with fancy names. He has written two books, Built For Show, and The Hero Handbook, helped provide research for Tim Ferriss’s bestselling book, The Four Hour Body, and helped write…… More

Resources and Other Cool Things

Last time I checked, there were around 9,000 books indexed on Amazon that explain how to build muscle. I don’t know about you, but that feels like way too many. So here are some resources to help you narrow things down. If you’re looking for more info on how to build a muscular athletic body…… More

The BSB Workout Program

Most guys think the workout program is the most important part of gaining muscle. Well, most guys are wrong. The truth is, you could have the best training program in the world, but if you aren’t eating enough food or recovering fully between workouts, it won’t matter. You’ll never reach your full potential. A good training…… More

The BSB Nutrition Plan

Dr. John Berardi is one of the world’s foremost experts on sports nutrition. He’s worked with everyone from UFC champion Georges St Pierre to NFL’s Greg Jennings and Steven Jackson. So yeah, I felt just fine having him design my entire nutrition plan. Here’s the exact menu. Here’s the schedule I followed for the 28-day weight-gain portion of…… More

Final Results Table & Photos

The Final Test Results Table Day 0 Day 28 Day 33 Day 34 Weight 169.6 190.2 169.7 186.6 Girth Measurements Neck 15.25 15.38 14.38 14.75 Shoulder 48 49.25 47.75 49.25 Chest 41.5 44 43.25 45 Upper Arm 14.75 16 15.13 15.5 Waist 31.5 32.25 31 32.5 Hip 38 39.5 38 38.25 Thigh 23.13 24.25 23.5…… More

What I Learned (Plus, A Rant)

My crazy weight manipulation experiment taught me a lot about myself. It gave me an appreciation for self-experimentation. And it made me never want to cut weight again in my life. (Once is enough, thank you.) Here’s some stuff I learned. The body can withstand some wild stuff. I ate as much as I could for…… More

The Final Day

– 9:00 AM – So I’ve gained 10 pounds since yesterday at 7:30 PM (when I finished my test) and if I do everything right today, JB expects me to go up another 5 or 6 pounds before my final test at 6PM. According to JB, Georges St Pierre usually gains 15 -17 pounds back…… More

I Look Dead

– 8:00 AM – I slept like shit last night. I woke up twice – once at midnight and once at 4:00 AM — to my stomach growling. Normally, I keep a glass of water on a small table next to me bed. Not last night. But I fumbled around for a glass anyway and…… More

Sweating My Life Away, Drop by Drop

I was so naive. So stupid. I really thought this was going to be easy. I thought the hard part was gaining all the weight. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Aside from the immersion bath, they were all fine. But now I’m in holy-fuck-I’m-gonna-die mode. I just spent 30 continuous minutes in a dry sauna, sweating…… More

Red, Naked, and Spread-Eagle

I’m lying on my living room floor — bright red, naked, spread-eagle, and soaking wet. And for the second time in the past few weeks my entire body feels like one giant heartbeat. My eyes roll back in my head as a gentle breeze comes in through the open window. I just did my first…… More

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