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I Look Dead

– 8:00 AM – I slept like shit last night. I woke up twice – once at midnight and once at 4:00 AM — to my stomach growling. Normally, I keep a glass of water on a small table next to me bed. Not last night. But I fumbled around for a glass anyway and…… More

Sweating My Life Away, Drop by Drop

I was so naive. So stupid. I really thought this was going to be easy. I thought the hard part was gaining all the weight. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Aside from the immersion bath, they were all fine. But now I’m in holy-fuck-I’m-gonna-die mode. I just spent 30 continuous minutes in a dry sauna, sweating…… More

Red, Naked, and Spread-Eagle

I’m lying on my living room floor — bright red, naked, spread-eagle, and soaking wet. And for the second time in the past few weeks my entire body feels like one giant heartbeat. My eyes roll back in my head as a gentle breeze comes in through the open window. I just did my first…… More

Salt and Tasteless Fish

The only thing that’s been tough about this phase so far is that I can’t salt my food. It’s a basic human taste and one I miss, even though it’s only been three days since I’ve had it. According to Wikipedia, “salt created and destroyed empires” and has “been a major factor in the outcomes of…… More

My Mom Thinks This Is Dumb

Ready for some math? Yesterday morning I weighed 190.2 pounds. At 8:00 PM I weighed 193.2 pounds. Today is Monday morning and I weigh 187.2. By Friday at 5:00 PM — 4 days from now — I will have to weigh 170 pounds or less. That means I need to lose at least 17.2 pounds…… More

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