Bigger Smaller Bigger

by with John Berardi & Martin Rooney

The BSB Workout Program

Most guys think the workout program is the most important part of gaining muscle.

Well, most guys are wrong.

The truth is, you could have the best training program in the world, but if you aren’t eating enough food or recovering fully between workouts, it won’t matter. You’ll never reach your full potential.

A good training program is still very important, of course.

In S2B, our clients follow our exclusive year-long muscle-building program. But for this experiment, I decided to ask for Martin Rooney’s help. He’s the creator of the Training For Warriors system, a 15-year labor of love that has helped countless athletes get in wicked shape.

And since Martin regularly works with MMA fighters and wrestlers — two groups of athletes who are used to putting on weight and taking it off quickly — I knew his TFW system would be the perfect fit for my crazy experiment.

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The Bigger, Smaller, Bigger Workout Program

Monday: Upper Body Strength

This workout focuses on compound exercises and uses heavy weights to build strength and target fast-twitch muscle-fibers, the ones most primed for growth.

Tuesday: Hurricane Day – Sprints

An intense total-body workout that promotes rapid fat burning and power development.

“I call it a Hurricane because the workouts are like a brief, powerful storm that create disruption in your muscular, cardiovascular, and neurological systems,” says Martin.

Wednesday: Off – Recovery

Thursday: Hurricane Day – Energy Circuit

A brief, intense workout comprised of five unconventional exercises done in circuit fashion.

“This day is fun and will keep your mind fresh,” says Martin.

Friday: Upper Body Hypertrophy

A second upper-body day that uses less complex exercises and higher reps to promote more hypertrophy (muscle-growth).

“If you were a fighter and trained a couple times per week, I normally wouldn’t put this day in since you’d need to recover more between your sessions. But since you’re not a fighter I figured you could handle it,” says Martin. “Plus we only have 4 weeks. We have to pull out all the tricks.”

Saturday: Lower Body Strength

Just like the Upper Body Strength day, this workout focuses on compound exercises and uses heavy weights to build strength and target fast-twitch muscle-fibers.

Sunday: Off – Recovery

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