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Fun Things To Do While Fasting


My fast days have shown me how much of my normal life is centered around eating and drinking.

Barbecues, going out to nice restaurants, grabbing a beer with friends — they’re all things I really enjoy and do every day.

So it’s a weird feeling when those activities are no longer an option.

Which begs the question: What else do you do with your Sunday when you can’t eat or drink anything?

Here are my suggestions:

1.  Go to the art museum and become convinced that you can do abstract watercolor just as well as these so-called “artists.”

2. Drink two cups of coffee and get all jittery since you don’t have any food to help neutralize the caffeine.

3. Make plans for lunch then cancel them ten minutes later when you remember you can’t actually eat anything.

4. Meet your friends out for a beer then dejectedly sit there and drink water instead.

5. Go to a matinee movie and spend more time thinking about popcorn than the plot line.

6. Walk around downtown aimlessly.

7. Drink a lot of tea and get up to piss every 20 minutes.

8. Sit in a room and stare at a wall.

9. Write a list about things you can do on a Sunday when you’re fasting.

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