Bigger Smaller Bigger

by with John Berardi & Martin Rooney

8 Pounds To Go


I’m not counting calories for this experiment.

But I still have a general idea of how many I’m eating. For instance, the toast in my breakfast. Each piece of bread is 120 calories.

At least, it used to be.

Yesterday I bought a new kind of bread without looking at the calories in the store. But this morning I read the Nutrition Info and saw that each piece of bread has only 80 calories.

Which means instead of eating four pieces of toast on my high calorie days, I now need to eat six pieces. Of course, I know it’s the same amount of calories either way. But there’s something disconcerting about seeing an extra two pieces of toast on my plate.

It looks like a lot more food.

Speaking of more food, today JB increased the size of meals, too.

This is the final week of the weight-gain phase and we need to push it with everything we have, he said.

(Notice how JB uses the pronoun “we” here. Even though I’m shoveling ungodly amounts of food down my throat, we’re still a team. Which is nice.)

So I just did a quick calculation and figured out the food changes from Week 3 to Week 4.

This week, on my High Calorie Days, I’ll add:

(Have I mentioned how ridiculous supplement names are?)

And on my Low Calorie Days, I’ll add:

Seemingly small changes that will (hopefully) make a big impact on how much weight I gain this week.

I’m ready to rock and roll.

Other highlights from Day 22

  • Switching to lat pull-downs after I could only finish 2 sets of chin-ups.

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