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Success! Now for the Hard Part

Hell. Yes. A few minutes ago I officially weighed in at 190.2 pounds. That’s means I’ve gained 20.6 pounds in the last 28 days. I text Martin and JB and let them know. JB responds first. Nice work man. Now the real work begins. I’ll be on call to help. A text from Martin pings…… More

“Make That Pound!”

This morning I get a text from Martin, who, coincidentally, is at a seminar with JB. I’m here with JB right now. You better be eating big. I heard one pound to go!!!! I write back: It’s getting close. It’ll be 20 pounds in 28 days if we pull it off. A few seconds later, my…… More

The Checklist

Let’s run down the list: Food? Check. Workout? Check. Bloat? Check. Panic that I won’t hit 190? Check. Two days left before weigh-in. Motherfucker. I swear to god I’ll drink shots of straight-up olive oil if it’ll help me make weight.

Honorary High Carb Day (Reprise)

Today is supposed to be a Hurricane day. You know, with tire flips and kettlebell swings and the like. But since I’m testing on Sunday I’ve altered my workout schedule a little. Instead, today I’m gonna do my lower body workout of squats and deadlifts and take Saturday off so I can rest up and…… More

My Poor Stomach

We’re in the final stretch. The extra calories for this week are wreaking havoc on my intestines. Just when I was getting used to all the food, I’m now making my way back to the bathroom, pausing to lean against the wall to clutch my stomach and whisper a quiet, desperate incantation: fuck. fuck. fuck. My…… More

Are These Sprints Getting Easier?

I’d like to say the Hurricane sprints are getting easier, but I don’t want to lie to you. They’re still hard as shit. But I am in better shape. Way better shape than I was 3 weeks ago. Even though the sprints leave me breathless and cursing the day Martin Rooney was born, they don’t…… More

8 Pounds To Go

I’m not counting calories for this experiment. But I still have a general idea of how many I’m eating. For instance, the toast in my breakfast. Each piece of bread is 120 calories. At least, it used to be. Yesterday I bought a new kind of bread without looking at the calories in the store.…… More

Note To Future Me

Today I slept in on purpose. I’ve been waking up at 6:30 AM, but today I didn’t get out of bed till 10:00 AM. It’s Sunday after all, and I don’t really have a lot going on today. And I’m sure my body and brain enjoyed the sleep. (I know my brain did because I had some…… More

Dog Food and Toothpicks

Today I get a flurry of text messages from Martin. How’d it go today, Nate? Eat big, train hard! I send him a photo of me giving a thumbs-up. Everyone needs a push. Now you are part of my responsibility. That is what a good coach does. Also, you’re looking skinny. Keep eating!!! When I…… More

Riding The Roller Coaster

That did it. Yesterday’s extra high calorie day was the jolt I needed to break the 180-pound barrier and I’m feeling relieved. Man, a couple days ago I didn’t think I’d ever make it to 190 pounds. Today I’m optimistic. What a fucking roller-coaster. And I’m just a little over halfway done. And here’s the…… More

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